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Preparing Your Artwork

Our prices are set based on receiving printer-ready art and at actual size.

This means we require your RGB files in JPG or PDF format and already sized to the "actual size" you wish them to be printed. Seeing the art at actual size on your screen will help you determine if the file is likely to print at all well or if the image is likely to distort with the necessary enlargement (particularly with tea towels or larger fabric panels).

On each product page you should find the key information:

  • The size of the final art panel to submit
  • A link to a template if you need to check how your pattern will fit
  • With all prototype items please remember to accommodate the seam, which means that you will "lose" a margin of 3cm-4cm around all the borders, so be sure to crop your artwork accordingly.

As regards reproduction quality, so long as the artwork is actual size a resolution of around 120dpi will be sufficient - especially if you are using coarser cottons like hopsack canvas. You are welcome to submit artwork at a higher or lower resolution if you so choose but be aware you may be charged.

Large Art: DropBox etc are kosher but your artwork is so large that it requires lengthy time -consuming downloads from remote servers, please be advised we may add a surchage for our studio time. This will almost always be necessary if you submit Tiff files.

Small Art/Photography for quilting: We are not the right supplier if you want small swatches for quilting purposes. Images, particularly photographic, smaller than 15cm are not suitable and are not likely to yield good results. We would advise to look for a desktop solution or a dye-sublimation service.

* Our rates are for processing printer-ready artwork. So if you have a number of small images to print, please combine them prior to sending them, in files at least 140cm wide. This also applies to collages. Be sure to prepare these before you submit them for printing.

* Sorry, no phone support: We are too small a studio to offer phone support. If you have any questions you can reach us using our online form and we will try to respond promptly.

* Definitely no art editing: We will print your artwork as we receive it. On some occasions we may altert you if the artwork has to be reduced for seam allowance but otherwise, we expect final art and we will not offer editing services. If you send files that are not actual size and printer-ready we will alert you that the order has bee placed on hold, awaiting final art.

* Help! If you need help with the artwork and ask in advance, we may be able to assist if you ask in advance, but we will add a surcharge to your order based on our hourly charge of £45/h.


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