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Design a
Thermal Cushion

Design you own cherry-stone thermal cushion. You can heat it up in a microwave and use to warm up or as a therapeutic aid.


How the cherry stones work


Design Dimensions
Artwork: 31cm x 31cm

Your Images

It's best to submit images actual size and at a resolution between 140dpi/220dpi. The upload service tool has a limit of around 4.5 megabites so you should not have a problem. You can also attach artwork and email us at fabricpress [at] If you send us your files, we will advise you when you receive your preview. You will receive an alert email from us within 24 hours.

filled with cherry stones


backed with cream or black

[ £22.00 ]


Order your own custom
Cherry Stone Cushion

Our previews are produced manually so expect a response within 24 hours. We may ask you to submit new artwork if we are concerned about reproduction quality.

Prices are for printer-ready artwork, so there could be a surcharge if you need studio assistance to prepare your artwork for printing.

To check if your artwork is ready, check our online notes

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You can also attach your artwork to an email and write to "fabricpress at"

If you want to upload more than
one image you may prefer to
attach your artwork to an email.
Write to Fabricpress [at]

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