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How it Works

TO ORDER A PRODUCT: Just click the "Design My Own" button next to the product you are keen on (or on any of the product images) and start the order process.

You will need to:

  • Upload a graphic image in a format we can use: JPG or TIFF
  • Make sure the artwork is the actual size you wish us to print it [ more info ]
  • Complete an order form making sure you have included the name of this file and your full contact details

What you will get from us:

  • We will send you an email with a link to a web page where you can preview your product before deciding whether to buy it or not.


You can choose to order just a sample, a length of standard width cotton or a specific panel of fabric a particular size.

If colour matching is a priority we recommend using our sampling service ahead of prototyping in order to test your colour palette safely and more economically.

Will take 10 days to a fortnight after receipt of payment. There can be delays and we will inform you when they happen.

PRICES: All the prices listed on the site include VAT at 20%. In the case of some products there can be savings on re-ordering. If you would like more information on these, email us at thefabricpress [ at ] rosablue [ dot ] com or use this contact form

Our prices are based on the receipt of printer-ready artwork. If image files do not appear to be so, we will ask customers to review their orders accordingly. You might be asked to commit to purchase in advance or offered order studio support time at £40/hour.

What We Do

Each order involves on average 3-5 emails. We will also preview and prep your artwork, print it, steam the cotton, launder it, iron it and sew it before packaging your goods for shipping.

You commission fabric to be printed at your own risk, so please read our terms of service carefully. We are a small workshop and we cannot afford (either financially or emotionally) to absorb the cost of reprints or disputes with customers. So please be clear that there are certain risks in placing an order that are unavoidable.

We charge £4.50 for postage per delivery, unless the order weighs in excess of that limit. Pricing is based on Royal Mail's rates for 1st Class, Signed For delivery.

Once we have received your file, we offer you a sample preview online. With a repeat pattern this gives you a chance to determine how you wish to scale the repeat. At this point you can still decide whether to order just a sample (for £20.00) or a length of fabric (sheeting, sateen, panama or canvas-weight). Note that if you have not previously sampled your artwork you cannot quality for even a partial refund or reprint.

We provide one free preview only. A second manual preview will be incur a 20% surchage. If you want to avoid this, please provide final, printer-ready art the first time. On each product page is information relative to the size of the artwork required (eg: Journal: 26cm x 55cm).

We only print on 100% cotton and it is fully machine washable (30-40degrees C). We have noticed that the rate at which this occurs will differ depending on the nature of the pattern with darker colours showing the wear sooner.

The physical process of fabric printing cannot be speeded up. Sometimes reprints are inevitable and we cannot give firm delivery guarantees.



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