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Design your own Thermal

It's like a "dry" hot water bottle: a cushion filled with cherry stones that you can heat up in a microwave and use to warm up.


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Artwork: 31cm x 31cm

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filled with cherry stones


backed with cream or black

[ £22.00 ]

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Cherry Stone Thermal Cushions:
How do they work

The Cherry Stone Thermal Cushion
This "dry" hot water bottle, originally from Switzerland, releases heat absorbed from a microwave oven or can retain cold after being refrigerated. Use it:

As a Warming Balm: Heat the cushion in a low wattage microwave for 3 minutes and use it as a therapeutic dry heat source (see below).
As a Cold Compress: Place the cushion in the freezer or fridge for around an hour or so (see below).

Our thermal cushions can have the key
instructions printed on their innner
sleeves (only with removable covers &
not available on custom items)

First things first: Make sure the cushion is completely cold before you begin to heat it and that your cherry stones have not dried out completely. If you have not used the cushion for some time, or are concerned that your cherry stones are too dry, you can the dampen the sleeve cushion (left) with a light spray before use.

Tip: Before you heat the cushion, run your hands quickly under a tap and then dry them using the cushion cover. That will ensure there is enough moisture.

If after your first test your cushion does not feel hot enough, do not reheat it right away. You must allow the cushion to cool down completely before using it in the microwave again. As for your oven, please check the rating carefully. We put our sleeves in our 700w oven for around 3 minutes (160-180 secs).

If you use our filled sleeves (left), which have around 1.5 litres of stones, you must reduce the time depending on the rating of your oven:

  • 800w & 900w - 2 and a half minutes (140-150secs)
  • 1000w & 1100w - 2 minutes (110-120secs)
  • 1200w: 1 and a half minutes (80-90secs)
Sachets can be heated for 35 seconds in a 800w-900w oven.

Make sure the cushion can spin freely in the microwave and will not touch the sides of the oven.

And if you want to use a scent, like an essential oil or an aromatheraphy essence, do not put it on the Cherry Stone Cushion until AFTER you have heated it.

Once you are done, pop the cushion fill (left) into its Rosablue fabric cover and enjoy.

If you would like to use the cushion as a cold compress you can place the cushion in your fridge or freezer for a period of time. The timing depends on the settings of you appliances, but you should expect the cushion to be cold enough to use after 45 minutes in the freezer or an 90-120 minutes in the fridge. To protect the cotton, you may want to put the cushion in a plastic bag or container before you do this. Our inner sleeve (left) is machine washable, but there is always the risk of picking up odd scents from the other contents of the appliance.

As a cold compress you may not need to put the fill in its fabric cover.

Once more with feeling: Make sure the cherry stones have not dried out completely before you use it. And if when you first test your cushion it is not hot enough, do not reheat it right away. You must allow the cushion to cool down completely before using it in a microwave again.

Be sensible: don't leave a heated Cherry Stone Cushion with a little one (a baby or a small child), and take care with elderly people too, as they might not react well to the higher temperatures, be they hot or cold. You can use the Cherry Stone Cushion to warm up a cot, but be sure to remove it before you place the child in the bed to sleep.

Take Care ... & if you have any questions do GET IN TOUCH

- The Fabric Press