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Photo Reproduction


We are happy to process photographic material but customers print at their own risk and we do not reproduce photo images of people on slings, except for display items.

The reason we have discouraged photo repro on the Fabric Press website is because we have a dedicated service for Photo Gifts on our Rosablue website.

Also, we have found that too many applicants are tempted to submit images which they may treasure for their content but are also often of a quality that is very risky for fabric printing (too small, blurred, wrong size, etc).

Best Practice: Files must be actual size: For example, in the case of a deckchair sling this would be 135cm x 51cms and the resolution should be 72dpi/96dpi. You are always best advised to submit the image the size indicated on the product page and not exceed a resolution of around 140dpi.

Large Files: If your file is too large for submission on the website (larger than 1.5 meg, for instance) you are welcome to attach it to an email (with details of your order) to fabricpress [at]

Photo Design Projects: if you wish to develop fabric using photographic images, best submit your project outline to us with your artwork by email and we can feedback appropriately. If you have a number of images to print, please combine them in a single file before you submit them to us, or supply a clear layout of how you want them used when you place your order. If you cannot do so and require studio assistance this will charged at £35/h.


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