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Deliveries for us & Rosablue Hand-Made Originals

We have a minimum postage fee of £4.50 per order except for samplers where the price listed is "all in". The base fee rises to £8.00 for dispatch in the EU.

If an item is not deliverable and is returned to us, the customer will be responsible for any additional charge if the item needs to be re-shipped.

With Rosablue, each additional item is charged at £0.75. With the Fabric Press it is different.

Should a multiple order weigh more than the £4.50 limit the surcharge will be quoted when the item or items are previewed. This is more likely with heavier cottons, like canvas or multiple orders.

* If you use PayPal it is your responsibility to ensure the official dispatch information on your account is accurate and up to date. The PayPal receipt is our only reference point for shipping if you use that form to pay unless you receive a formal update from us confirming we have updated our records.

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