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UPDATED: June, 2011

The Fine Print
Our Terms and Conditions

Please read these carefully before you complete your purchase. The full page is a heavy read but try the top section in larger type at least ... & the section on your risk.

Printing digitally on fabric is magical but still quite expensive. The technology can be unpredictable and on occasion it will disappoint ... and that's all there is to it. We make every effort to offer a good service but you should be aware of this at the outset and our terms of service before you commission any work.

Our prices are set to encourage experimentation but this means there is no real margin to cover the cost of reprints. That is why our terms make it clear that irrespective of the results, our basic effort and costs should be made safe. It pays for email support and to prep and preview your artwork, print it, steam the cotton, launder it, iron it and sew it before packaging it & shipping.

We want you to be clear on this up front. And if you are concerned it may be better you do not place the order. -- Rosablue

As a small workshop we can only offer one set of free previews to any new customer. Additional requests result in a 10% surcharge to the cost of any item ordered. 

* NO PHONE SUPPORT: I suffer from tinnitus which makes it hard for me to converse comfortably on the telephone. So I would rather you used email to contact the workshop.

* NON-DELIVERY: In the case a delivery has gone astray, the customer must advise us of the problem within 6 weeks of the date of payment or the item will no longer be subject to a full refund. In such a case only the production cost of the items will be refunded.

* COPYRIGHT: We do not accept commissions to reproduce artwork from known brands, existing products or other designs and characters we are confident are protected by copyright. So we do not print images from film, tv and sport.

* IMAGE EDITING: We expect to receive printer-ready artwork at actual final size. If the customer requests or requires image editing, we will not accept complaints regarding after sign-off. If you do not wish to risk misunderstanding with regards to remote editing of artwork, please submit final, printer-ready art only (actual size, JPG or PDF)..

Refunds & Returns  |  Safety  |  Content  |  Blocked Service  | Complaints

Your Risk
Customers commission fabric printing at their own risk. We do not ask you to commit to purchase until you have seen your preview. However, once you have accepted a preview, you commit to paying the costs of production and postage for the item/s and this is equal to 60% of the purchase price. This is non-negotiable,

The fuller amount is not refundable, nor will a reprint be obilgatory except in the following circumstances:

  • an order is not delivered
  • we use the wrong image.

There are no exceptions to these conditions so please do not accept a preview and proceed to payment if you have any queries about the image treatment. Once a customer signs off a preview The Fabric Press/Rosablue is under no obligation to recall the item.

If you choose not complete the feedback form provided, as requested by us, it will be assumed that you are familiar with these terms.

In the case of a length of fabric, please be clear that there are certain risks in placing an order that are unavoidable. One of these are natural flaws in the cotton itself or loss of shade density due to uneven reactivity to the dye. In the case of a such a flaw, we may offer the fabric at a reduced price or we may offer to try a second reprint. Should the second print also be deemed to contain flaws we may choose not reprint again.

Cotton shrinks when it is washed. We will not refund if you have not allowed for this in your artwork and we will indicate the price differential in our quotation when we suspect you have not done so.

Cost of returns
If you want an item replaced or returned, we will ask you to return the original to us before we make a decision. If a customer decides not to return the item unused, we will assume he or she is satisfied with it and no refund can be considered. The customer will need to inform Rosablue right away that he or she intends to return the item. And when an item is returned the customer will bear the cost of postage and this will only be refunded if Rosablue acknowledges the validity of the complaint.

Special Delivery*: Our prices refere to 1st Class Registered postage and items must be signed for at the delivery address. Undelivered items sent this way are not trackable for three weeks and customers will be charged £5.00 if we must resend. If you need overnight tracking, please ask for the additional 15% Special Delivery surcharge above.

Registering a complaint
If there is a problem, use the HELP DESK to your complaint to us in writing by email, and please include any detail relative to your order and transaction when you do so. This assures that both the customer and Rosablue share the same record of any ongoing discussion. We will respond promptly. We have no intention of disputing your position if you explain to us how our service has not matched the terms of our offer. But please avoid contacting us by telephone if you have not already notified us of the incident by email and have received our reply.

* If an agreement to consider a refund has been reached the goods must be returned immediately. If we have not received the goods unused within a week no review will be considered.

Returns can be resold
Any fabric returned to us as "worthless" without concern for our decision will be recycled or sold on, to recoup the costs of production.

Rosablue reserves the right to refuse and block emails from users who abuse the preview service or infringe the conditions stated above. Customers who ask for a free preview are asked to feedback. Failure to do so is likely to result in that email address being blocked from the service. Alternatively, future previews will only be supplied on receipt of advance payment for the order.

Also If a customer has been disappointed by one of our products Rosablue may choose not to continue to trade with that individual or company, in order to avoid further disappointment.

Some Advice
Preparing your artwork: We publish guidelines on the site here to help customers prepare their artwork appropriately and urge customers to review them prior to sumbitting their orders. If you do not pay attention to these -- for example but submitting artwork which is not at "actual size" -- please do not expect a query you place after purchase to be reviewed.

Preview 1: sign off
Consider this process carefully. In all cases where the image is submitted digitally the quality of the image is the sole responsibility of the customer. When you accept a product preview you are in fact accepting the costs of production for that item, regardless of whether you like it or not when you receive it.

NB: Please note that if you sign off a preview you have effectively committed to purchase and you cannot cancel the order thereafter.

Preview 2: colour matching
We usually deliver a close match to the colours of your screen preview, but we do not guarantee a match. Sometimes the dyes can behave unpredictably, particularly in the case of some browns and blue/violet. So we can only guarantee the best reproduction our equipment is capable of. If you are concerned about colour please order a sampler swatch and test your palette before proceeding with a more costly order. Unless you have done so, colour reproduction is at your own risk.

Preview 3: using tints & duotones
And this is even more important if you ask for a Duotone tint (sepia, blue, etc). You must know that every digital file will react differently to this treatment. As a result we cannot guarantee that the final product will be a perfect match to the colour sample viewed in the preview page. If you do not wish to take this risk, please ask for a full-colour or black-and-white treatment.

Preview 3: pre-edited images
Digital files may contain colour information that are not easy to see on screen prior to printing. This is more likely to occur with images that have been pre-edited using photo editing software. In these cases we cannot extend our customary quality guarantees and we will warn you of this when we offer you a preview.

Preview 4: online product descriptions
Rosablue makes every effort to deliver items precisely as described on their website and as they would be displayed in their shop.

If you have any query about the description of the items and the fabrics used, be it the particular value of a colour used in our backing fabrics, our linings, or the mock leather used in the bags, make sure these are answered prior to purchase.

Printing on Cotton
The expectations and judgements of customers are so individual and differ so greatly that Rosablue cannot advise a customer on the likely effectiveness of an image, except to stress that the quality of an image cannot be improved by the process of reproduction onto cotton fabric.

In some cases, Rosablue may warn customers that certain images may yield disappointing results. In all such cases, no refund will be considered after delivery.

Because with sales on the Internet the physical items cannot be sampled, we accept that on occasion a customer can be disappointed with an item they receive. But if we believe our service has not failed we will always retain our cost of production.

Using Customer Prints
If the customer submitted a print and Rosablue was solely responsible for the scanning and image preparation, a partial refund or a reprint will be considered if the original article is returned unused.


Rosablue items are not indended as toys and should not be given to children as such. Customers are responsible for ensuring that children are not given such items to play with or left with them unattended.


Content Restrictions
You agree not to use the ROSABLUE website or service:

  • A. To upload, order for print, or otherwise transmit or communicate any material for any unlawful purpose or that is obscene, offensive, blasphemous, pornographic, sexually suggestive, deceptive, threatening, menacing, abusive, harmful, an invasion of privacy, supportive of unlawful action, defamatory, libelous, vulgar, violent, or otherwise objectionable;
  • B. To upload, order for print, or otherwise transmit or communicate any material that depicts celebrities or celebrity likenesses, regional, national or international leaders or politicians, current or former world leaders, convicted criminals, newsworthy, notorious or infamous images and individuals, or any material that is vintage in appearance or depicts images from an older era;
  • C. To upload, order for print, or otherwise transmit or communicate any material that you do not have a right to transmit or communicate under any contractual or fiduciary relationship or which infringes any copyright, trademark, patent or other intellectual property right or any moral right of any party;
  • E. To upload or otherwise transmit any material which is likely to cause harm to the ROSABLUE service or anyone else's computer systems, including but not limited to that which contains any virus, code, worm, data or other files or programs designed to damage or allow unauthorized access to the ROSABLUE service or which may cause any defect, error, malfunction or corruption to the service.

You agree that if ROSABLUE in its sole discretion, determines that any material you upload may not meet these content requirements, ROSABLUE may reject your order without explanation. ROSABLUE reserves the right to charge a processing fee of £5.00 for each image, graphic or photograph that you submit as an order in the ROSABLUE service which violates our content restrictions.

In addition, in the event you violate these Content Restrictions and you intentionally publicize such violation, you acknowledge that ROSABLUE will suffer substantial damage to its reputation and goodwill and that you can be liable for causing such substantial damage.

FINALLY: If you are paying with PayPal make sure your addressing information is up to date -- if not, use another payment service -- or we may not ship to the correct address and retrieval will be your responsibility.

- Rosablue -


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